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Electronic Component Shortages Expected to Last Beyond 2018

Published on April 16, 2018

Due to industry-wide shortages for electronic components, especially resistors and capacitors, SEACOMP companies (Displaytech, HDP Power & Battery, and MH MFG) are experiencing extended lead times for many standard and custom products. In this environment, we strongly recommend that our customers reach out to us to develop a strategy for their upcoming product requirements.

Here are two primary options to better handle extended lead times:

1. Place a blanket purchase order for finished goods with a delivery schedule that is spread out up to 12 months. Please contact your Account Manager for details specific to your product, delivery lot size and schedule.

2. Place a purchase order for long lead time (LLT) material only. This option requires a material deposit for LLT materials that will be reserved only for your future production.

SEACOMP is committed to working with our customers to ensure continuity of supply and to mitigate supply risk in a volatile, uncertain market. Please contact us today to review your requirements and to plan for a successful future.



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