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PCN: New backlight LED for 64128 Graphic Display series

Published on May 6, 2019

Displaytech has implemented material upgrades and minor production process updates for our standard lineup of monochrome graphic COG modules.

In order to improve the backlight performance, both brightness and color, the backlight LED was changed.
Please note all products will continue to meet Displaytech performance and quality standards.

64128K/KX-RGB series
64128L/LX-RGB series
64128M/MX-RGB series

1. Original LED used in the backlight:
a. 64128K/M RGB backlight is with LED P/N 19-237/R6GHBHC-M01/2T
b. 64128L RGB backlight is with LED P/N 19-237/R6GHBHC-M07/2T

1. New LED used in the backlight, P/N S1615RGB-018

To see the official PCN documentation, visit our Product Change Notifications section.