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Using Digital RGB with DT024CTFT

Hi I am trying to use the digital 18bit RGB with the DT024CTFT I have the device set to 4wire SPI and there signals lines are low. I was hoping to use the 18bit RGB at 6.6MHz and I have set up the signals as per the ILI9341. The back light is on but I get nothing on the screen. I take it that the reset line is active low as the ILI9341 specified, as the DT024CTFT data sheet is not cleal. Please help Dale


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January 22, 2018

Hi Dale,

When the display is setup for RGB parallel operation, the 4-wire serial port is only used to modify the image settings in the ILI9341. You should be able to get some kind of image by just sending RGB data to the display. Does the microcontroller you are using have a dedicated display RGB port? This would have pins dedicated to VSYNC and HSYNC as well as DE (data enable). The microcontroller would have internal logic that generates the needed waveforms on VSYNC, HSYNC and DE at the desired refresh rate. You are correct that RESET is active low and should normally be held high.

If you don't have a dedicated RGB port, you might consider using MCU parallel mode. In MCU mode, the ILI9341 takes care of generating the RGB signals mentioned above. You can interface to the ILI9341 as if it were a memory device using RW and WR as well as DE and CS. If you can tell me which microcontroller you are using, I might be able to make a suggestion on the best way to connect the display.