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Trouble getting RGB interface to work.


There are several posts dealing with RBG DE mode in this forum, but none of them has helped me. 

I've been unable to get the display to work in RGB mode. I can draw to it just fine using the serial interface, but all I've been able to get when feeding a pure blue RGB signal is what's shown in the attached picture.

Some other post mentions that you should be able to feed an RGB signal just by pulling IM[3:2] high, without requiring additional configuration via the serial interface, but i've found this not to be true (The ILI9341V docs also make no mention of this, an explicitly say that somes registers must be configured to use the RGB interface).

To get something on the screen I have at least to send:

  • 0xB6 Display function control (Set PCDIV to 39)
  • 0xF6 Interface control (Set DM to 0b01 and RM to 1)
  • 0x11 Sleep OUT
  • 0x29 Display ON

The RGB signal has the following timing characteristics, with should be OK according to the ILI9341V datasheet (It's generated with a bridgetek bt810, with work just fine with the provided LCD display):

  • width: 240
  • height: 320
  • vfp: 4
  • vbp: 2
  • vsync: 2
  • hfp: 10
  • hbp: 20
  • hsync: 20
  • dotclk: 12 MHz

I also attach a screenshot of the display connections.

I'm at my wits end here. I think there's some more configuration I need to do on the ILI9341, but I just can't figure out that.  I'll be very grateful if someone can help me out!