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Touch controller on DT050TFT-PTS

The datasheet on this part (TFT module with Capacitive touch panel) is lacking in any information on the touch screen portion.

What is the controller chip used on for the capacitive touch panel? I need to know this so I can interface with it properly.

Thank you,



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April 3, 2018

Hi Blair,

Thank you for posting on our tech forum and for sending a similar note through our website.  The COF IC for the capacitive touch panel for the 5" TFT is FocalTech FT5426.  The pin description is listed on the display+PCAP data sheet but you are correct that the chip itself is not listed.  I will have this added and upload to our website as quickly as possible.  The FT5426 datasheet is available on the product page of our 5" TFT.  I see Jessica also provided you with sample code for FT5426 in an email yesterday.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thank you,