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Questions about DT028ATFT-PTS

I have some questions about DT028ATFT-PTS:

- In the website, I just see the datasheet of DT028ATFT and DT028ATFT-TS. I can't find one of DT028ATFT-PTS. Is this the same? I think no because it's touch panel is capacitive, so the pin should be different.

- In SPI mode transfer, how about the maximum transfer speed that LCD support?

- Do you have sample code for capacitive touch (GT968 or FT5346). If yes, could you please send me sample code?

Thank you so much!!!


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July 20, 2018

Hello and thank you for contacting us through our forum!

Below are answers to each of your questions:

1) We are still finalizing a data sheet which combines both the 2.8" display and capacitive touch screen. You may find the data sheet for just the capacitive touch on our website here,, and combine this with the data sheet for DT028ATFT.

2) The following is in regards to the "SPI" speed for the ILI9341.Please see the ILI9341 datasheet located here:

Specifically, please see the sections:

18.3.3 Display Serial Interface Timing Characteristics (3-line SPI system)

18.3.4 Display Serial Interface Timing Characteristics (4-line SPI system)

3) We do have sample code for FT5346. Please email with this request and we will send you a link to our dropbox with the driver code.


Thanks again!