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Pin Connections for DT070BTFT


I am hoping to get some help connecting my DT070BTFT to a Gateworks Ventana SBC (GW5220). The Gateworks board has a 30-pin LVDS connector and it's pinout and specs can be found here. Is there an adapter/transfer board which I can use to pair the touch display's 40-pin and 6-pin connectors with the Gateworks board's 30-pin connector?




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March 1, 2019


Thank you for connacting us.

We have a product avaiable in the next 2 months that takes in HDMI and converts to LVDS for the DT070BTFT.  This can be used with any SBC that outputs HDMI.  This conversion board also passes the PCAP (capativie touch) I2C signals through to the the SBC from the PCAP.  You just suppy the board 5V.

As for the SBC you indicated, there are so many Micro's and SBC's out there we only give general guidleslines how to hook our display up.

The DT070BTFT display has an LVDS interface.  The interface is a standard LVDS and is purely hardware connections.  This is unlike smaller displays (ILI9341) and RGB displays (3.5" and 4.3") where software configuration is required.
See the datasheet on the website which shows the "Interface Signals" in section 5.  In addition section 7 shows the "Electrical Specification" for the TFT Power Supply and Backlight Voltage.


We suggest making SELB jumper configurable on your board.

LCD Power:
The following is an example circuit for the LCD Power:

Backlight Example Circuit

Power Up Sequence in Datasheet
10.1. Power On/Off Sequence

DT070BTFT-PTS Recommended connector

Please look at the source drive datasheet on our website.

Standby is active low. See below.
Reset is active low. See below.

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May 7, 2019

Has the HDMI to LVDS converter been made available yet?