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Operating the touch panel with an atmega 2560


For a project, I ordered a touch screen from Displaytech (INT070ATFT-TS). I control it with an ATMega2560.

I can use it for display purposes using the UTFT library, but I can't use the touchscreen's touch panel. I tried several libraries, normally compatible, to try to use the touchscreen (UTouch and URTouch). These libraries support SPI touch panels.

I checked with an oscilloscope on the pins corresponding to the touch control pins (pin 7 to 11). I could observe that the interruption due to a press does not release, as well as the sending of SPI data frames. Could you help me?

I enclose the library that I modified in order to initialize the touch controller (the touch does not respond).

Thank you



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July 9, 2020


The INT070ATFT-TS uses a MAX11802 (Touch screen IC).

Please see the following link for an example driver.


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July 10, 2020

I've just tried to adapt the driver for the ATMega2560
The configuration data frames are sent, but the interrupt pin still does not work.
Do you know if anything special needs to be done?
I attach the configuration frame received from a logic analyser.
Thank you in advance,