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LVDS signal standard

Please let me know DT070BTFT_PTS1 follow TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Standard? for LVDS interface. As we donot see any Electrical specification for LVDS interface in datasheet of display module.


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January 2, 2020


NOTE:  The DT070BTFT_PTS1 is EOL, and has been replaced by the DT070DTFT_PTS.

See the datasheet on the website which shows the "Interface Signals" in section 5. In addition section 7 shows the "Electrical Specification" for the TFT Power Supply and Backlight Voltage.

The LVDS signal level of the display has an absolute max of 2.4, so 1.8V will work.  Please section 7.3.2 of the EK79001 datasheet for the display.

LVDS signal level should not be confused with the 3.3V supply for the digital logic level.