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LVDS signal - diffferent voltage levels - b/w processor and display


we are using DT070BTFT-PTS1 in our product and we released that LVDS signals coming out of Processor have voltage level of 1.8V and the selected display(DT070BTFT-PTS1) as LVDS voltage level at 3.3V.

so our question is there a way to configure the display module to work at 1.8V? any configuration which makes the display module to work at 1.8V?v

as a second option, can you suggest us any LVDS voltage translator/level shifter which converts 1.8V to 3.3V?

or do you have similar drop in display module which works at 1.8V compatible LVDS data signal interface?





engineering_seacomp's picture
January 2, 2020


The LVDS signal level of the display has an absolute max of 2.4, so 1.8V will work.  Please section 7.3.2 of the EK79001 datasheet for the display.

LVDS signal level should not be confused with the 3.3V supply for the digital logic level.