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Interfacing issue in INT070ATFT-TS LCD with PIC32

I got INT070ATFT-TS lcd from RS components,i want to interface INT070ATFT-TS lcd to my PIC32 controller in 8 bit mode.please suggest to me what should i do in my program.
please provide details about atmel controller initilization routine for ssd1963 & tft driver.
how can i ensure that atmel controller is properly initilize the ssd1963 & tft driver?
i am using PIC32MX795F512L & compiler is mikro c pro for pic32(v3.3.0)
kindly i request you to help me to work my lcd in 8 bit mcu interface mode.


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July 5, 2013

The Atmel micro-controller will automatically initialize the SSD1963. All you have to do is hold the RESET and CS lines high for about 500ms initially during startup.

Go through this post. You will find the driver files for SSD1963 and sample schematics. Download the Microchip Graphics Library and use it to draw shapes and display characters on the LCD screen .