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Interfacing the INT035TFT

I have been given the task of interfacing the INT035TFT with a MSP430 micro-controller board ( for a project. I looked into the product datasheet but I could not find much details. I am a well versed with the micro-controller part but I and do not know much about the LCD displays. I will be extremely grateful if someone could provide me some links, tips regarding the pin connections and writing data to the TFT LCD. As far as I know, I have to connect the 18 data pins from the LCD to the mcu but how do i proceed further? Also how do I use the inbuilt 4 wire touchscreen in the LCD ?
Kindly do help me. Thanks in advance.


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May 16, 2013

I did some research and found out that I can use the graphics library included with Code Composer Studio for the MSP430. I would be grateful if someone could give me a link to the SSD1963 driver file compatible with the MSP430. Also kindly help me with the pin connections in the INT035TFT and how to use the 4 wire touchscreen. Please do reply :)

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May 22, 2013

Since there is no parallel port peripheral on your MSP430, you'll need to implement this with GPIO pins. You'll need to write software to match the parallel communications required by the SSD1963 in order to interface with it. You'll find information about the parallel interface in the SSD1963 datasheet, section "13.2.2 Parallel 8080-series Interface Timing". As for the data format for the 5-6-5 RGB, see section "7.1.4 Pixel Data Format".
Separately, the touch screen controller is the MAX11802, which you interface an SPI and interrupt to via pins 7-10 (pin 6 is unnecessary).
Unfortunately the driver we provide is only for the Microchip Graphics Library, so all includes are for the Microchip Graphics Library. You'll want to just look at some of the low level functions to determine how to write your driver file for the MSP430, like PutPixel(). The MSP430 does have a graphics library, but unfortunately I won't be much help with it as I've never used it. See the link here:
As a high-level process, I would start with the following to get the device up and running:
1.) Make sure you can get the device to run through its auto-initialization. You can do this by disconnecting all signal lines, and only supplying power to the power lines. You should see the device run through its auto-initialization and display random pixels on the screen.
2.) Connect your signal lines, and make sure your MSP430 is setting the signal lines as inputs properly such that the INT still successfully completes its auto-initialization.
3.) Start writing parallel data to the SSD1963, and test the output of the MSP430 via a logic analyzer or scope. You should be able to get to the point of writing to and reading from various registers on the SSD1963.
4.) Configure and start the SSD1963 with the functions in the ResetDevice() function of SSD1963.c, and start putting pixels on the screen by writing functions that mimic PutPixel() and its associated functions.
I hope thats helpful!