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Interface with Microcontroller

I'd like to know any one interface the INT070ATFT & INT070ATFT-TS with micro_controller to read data from the screen and send data to the screen.
Any help in this issue ?


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January 24, 2013

Please find the driver file for the SSD1963 (the controller on-board the INT070ATFT) as well as the MAX11802 driver file for the touchscreen controller.

Additionally, here is a reference schematic connecting a PIC32 device to the INT board.

Also, the INT boards include an on-board Atmel chip that auto-initializes the SSD1963 and the TFT's COG driver. The auto-initialization of the controller and driver requires that the Atmel part assert control of the command and data lines of the on-board controller and driver. These lines will need to be set as inputs by the MCU during the auto-initialization time. Specifically, the CS, RS, RD, WR, RESET, and DATA lines need to be set as inputs during the initialization time. You can determine when auto-initialization has completed by monitoring the state of the CS line, or by simply waiting 1s at startup of the device.