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Initialization problem

I have a INT028ATFT display board connected to a ATmega128L (in a Wiznet200 board)

I'm doing some tests to try show some lines circles, and until now I haven't been able to see anything but a white screen.

I'm using libc of WINAVR with the AVR Studio IDE to reproduce the code sugested in the end of the RaiO8872 datasheet. So I have a few questions:

- What kind of initialization is made by the atmega8L in the back of the TFT?
- Do I have to do a initialization in my MCU?
- I noticed there is a ICSP programing socket in the back of the TFT. It is for programming the ATmega8L init mcu? Do I have to program it?
- Where can I find some examples? Or info?


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November 19, 2012

Have you been successful in getting the INT board working?

If not, here are some responses:

1.) The ATMega chip initializes the Ilitek chip-on-glass controller on the TFT module itself as well as the RAiO controller.

2.) No initialization is required by you, unless you want to change the color depth or rotation of the screen. These settings are all listed in the RAiO's datasheet.

3.) You do not need to program the ATMega chip.

Please see the attached c code for communicating with the RAiO chip. Note: this code is intended for Microchip's PIC32/PIC24 line of MCU's, but is easily ported to any other c compiling suite.

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July 18, 2013

I could display pictures on INT028TFT by using above RA8872.h and RA8872.c at PIC32MX795F512L.

I attached the picture of Primitive Layer demo of Microchip.

The only thing which is different from your suppport is that I extended Delaytime from 500msec to more than 2000msec. Thank you very much indeed for excellent RA8872.h and RA8872.c Library.