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how to get started with INT028ATFT?

Hello, I'm new to Displaytech screens and its controller's command. I wanted to know, where I can get any sample codes, in which INT028ATFT is interfaced with any controller (specifically STM or LPC)? Moreover, is there any provision to print an image on the screen?. Any tips and information regarding this my project's development are highly appreciated.

Aatif Shaikh


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June 24, 2019

Hello Aatif, thank you for contacting us through our Forum and interest in our INT028ATFT display module. The following link to our Design Center,, provides the data sheets to the controllers, sample code, and more for all of our displays including our INT028ATFT. There is an additional application note from our engineering team available here,

All of this information should be what you need to get started but if you need any additional assistance please do not hesitate to respond to this thread.

Thank you,


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October 7, 2019

Hi, Jimmy,
Thank you for your replay. At present, we've connected the LPC 1778 controller to the 24 pin connector of INT028ATF and with the help the datasheet of RAiO-RA8872 I've implemented the integrated libraries of it. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to make this screen work, can you guide me with the procedure or configuration.

I've performed several tests on the INT028ATFT module. Please go through our results state below.
1: After reading the REG 00H, I've got 0x0EH on the Data lines instead of 0x70H or 0x71H.
2. We've measured the PLCK frequency (Please check the waveform attached below).
3. I've attached the code example (in which we've implemented the drivers), so please rename the CODE SAMPLE_CONVO.pdf to CODE SAMPLE_CONVO.rar (as .rar file is not allowed) and the schematics snip-it.

Moreover, I have a few questions which are as follows:
1. what is the purpose of the additional controller (Atmega 8L) present on the board?
2. Is there an option or settings to chose the onboard controller or external controller via 24pin connector? If so, what changes do I need to make in order to run the module with an external controller? 
3. Is there an option where we can interface the out LPC1778 with Atmega 8L, and use the Module as a command based module, as Atmega 8L is already connected to the RAiO 8872 using SPI interface. So, I'll write certain commands to Atmega 8L, and it will take care of the display part.

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October 13, 2019


It looks like you also sent a few questions to the sales team in an email.

Let me see if I can help answer these questions.

We provided the sample driver of RA8872.c an RA8872.h, did you find that?

Effectivly what happens is that the Atmega 8L intializes all the display registers, and then hands control over to the RAIO.  So after boot up (try adding a 2 sec delay from power up before you do anything to RAIO for your development) , you are basically talking directly to RAIO.  If you can't communicate with it, it is not issue with RAIO, but your communication on your board.... does that make sense?

You can not get access to, or control anything else with the Atmega, you need to control with your uC.