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how to get started with INT028ATFT?

Hello, I'm new to Displaytech screens and its controller's command. I wanted to know, where I can get any sample codes, in which INT028ATFT is interfaced with any controller (specifically STM or LPC)? Moreover, is there any provision to print an image on the screen?. Any tips and information regarding this my project's development are highly appreciated.

Aatif Shaikh


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June 24, 2019

Hello Aatif, thank you for contacting us through our Forum and interest in our INT028ATFT display module. The following link to our Design Center,, provides the data sheets to the controllers, sample code, and more for all of our displays including our INT028ATFT. There is an additional application note from our engineering team available here,

All of this information should be what you need to get started but if you need any additional assistance please do not hesitate to respond to this thread.

Thank you,