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How to Add an Attachment or Embed an Image to Your Post

Before uploading any images or documents to the topic, please ensure the file name is descriptive of the item’s contents.

At the end of the form to add a topic or a comment, forum members can add attachments or embed images to enhance their post’s information.

Add an Attachment
Attachments appear as a list of files at the end of the post

1. Select “Choose File” and find the file on your computer you want to upload. Click upload.
2. The file will then appear in a table list.

3. Select the checkbox under Display. Once your post is published, any file attachments will appear in a list at the end of the post.


Embed an Image (jpg, png, or gif format)
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 for adding an attachment
2. Right click the filename to “Copy Link”
3. Go to the Body portion and place the cursor where you would like your image to appear
4. Select the image icon in the toolbar

5. In the Image Properties dialog, paste the link in the URL box. Remove any information that may be automatically added (such as the width/height). Click OK.

6. Your image will now appear embedded in the Body of your post.


A maximum of 5 files per post are allowed.