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HDMI signal to INT035TFT

Guys, we don't want to do significant HW/SW development so we're looking for an off-the-shelf solution. We have a project where customer will simply inject video signal via HDMI.

INT035TFT Integrated TFT Driver Boards (board + LCD) dimensions seem to fit mechanical dimensions.

Any suggestion on how we pass HDMI signal to it? we can put an adapter (HDMI>DVI, HDMI>VGA) if needed.



engineering_seacomp's picture
May 11, 2020


INT035TFT does not look like the right solution for you.

For the 5" and 7", we do have HDMI a solution located here:

msupkf's picture
May 11, 2020

unfortunately, 5" or 7" or even 4.3" is too big......