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Glue delamination between tft-matrix and backlight

Dear Displaytech Support, if the flexprint is bent to a PCB underneath the DT028BTFT, the glue between tft-matrix and backlight opens already near 70°C, resulting in unusable backlighting. Do you have any suggestion to prevent opening of the glue and delamination of tft-matrix and backlight? (The old display DT028ATFT does not have this issue.) Many thanks Michael


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June 24, 2019

Hi Michael,

Thank you for establishing contact through our forum. Though DT028ATFT and DT028BTFT share the same resolution and interface, there are construction differences with regard to the display bezel materials and assembly. Is the delamination happening to 100% of DT028BTFT displays assembled with your product? It would be very helpful to see pictures of what is happening with the glue delamination. Please share images to help me understand exactly what's happening. Thanks!

Best Regards,
Derek Jackson