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General Guidelines – Read this first!

The following guidelines are meant to create a positive, constructive environment so that the technical forum remains as a helpful tool to those referencing it.

Posting a Topic
Please ensure that the topic title and the overall content is very descriptive of your issue or question. For topics related to specific displays, please post within the base part number forum (i.e., for topics related to DT028ATFT-PTS, post your question in the forum, DT028ATFT).

Comment / Reply to a Topic
Comments and replies are meant for providing a solution, requesting clarification, leaving constructive criticism, or adding relevant but minor additional information.

Please do not add a comment on a topic to only say "Thank you." If a member provides an answer that is acceptable – and you want to provide some type of feedback - please make a comment that is similar to stating, “this solution worked for me.” This will allow other readers to know if the information may be helpful to their case.

Enhancing your Post
Adding attachments and embedding images are a great way to visually communicate to other members. For the topics and comments, you can either add an attachment or embed an image. Before uploading any items to the forum, we ask that you please rename your file so that it is descriptive. This will help other forum members know what your file contains before opening it.

Closed Topics
Topics will be closed once deemed as resolved. If you have an issue that is similar to a closed topic (but is not resolved by following that topic), please create a new forum topic.