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Eliminating Flickering

I haven't been able to run the display without a noticeable flicker that shows up on the rows of the display (128 pixels -> row). See this video showing the flicker (it doesn't show up as well on camera as in person):

I am running the display in 16 bit RGB mode (see this thread for more details: I've confirmed that the flicker is present with solid Red/Green/Blue and black test fills as well.

From what I've been able to gather searching online, it looks like it might be caused by the VCOM offset. I've tried adjusting the values for the 0xC5 and 0xC7 registers, and can make the problem worse, but haven't found a combination that eliminates the problem (I've tried using the ones given in the example code).

Any clues or suggestions for how to address this problem would be helpful.



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April 10, 2019


Did you get this working?

Yes, VCOM is a good place to start.  For RGB displays, the timing of the signals (front porch, back porch, etc) is also important.  There is some guidance on the ILI9163 datasheet (section 6.8.2


Thank you.