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Hi Team,

We are going to use DT070BTFT-TS-Displaytech LCD display, Can you please clarify the below quires?

1. Is there any Evaluation board is available to Drive the TFT display. If it’s available means please suggest the Part no.

2. If it’s not available means please tell me how to generate VDD, AVDD, VGH, VGL, VCOM, LED forward voltage.

3. If we need to use LDO’s to generate above voltages means how to achieve the timing sequences mentioned in DT070BTFT-TS-Displaytech datasheet.

4. How to achieve backlight dimming adjustment, is there any separate evaluation board is there for LED backlight.

5. You have any Product distributors in Japan?

We are waitng for your valuable response.



Sudharson Balraj


Suryo Haridadi's picture
Suryo Haridadi
January 2, 2020

Hi Sudharson,

Thank you for contacting us through the forum. 

We have authorized distributors that serves the market globally, with local offices in Japan. You can view the list here or you can also contact for more information.

We do not have evaluation board to drive the DT070BTFT-TS.

Displaytech datasheet and Driver IC datasheet links are available on the website.
The Driver IC datasheet provides the detailed LVDS timing that you setup on your hardware.
Note: This is dumb glass (i.e. LVDS interface), so there is no example code, as this is customer hardware specific. The smaller displays are considered "smart glass" and have initialization code.

Timing values are found in section 11.2 page 44 (See 1024rgbx600) of the Source Driver Datasheet found on our website here:


The DT070BTFT display has an LVDS interface.  The interface is a standard LVDS and is purely hardware connections.  This is unlike smaller displays (ILI9341) and RGB displays (3.5" and 4.3") where software configuration is required.
See the datasheet on the website which shows the "Interface Signals" in section 5.  In addition section 7 shows the "Electrical Specification" for the TFT Power Supply and Backlight Voltage.
We suggest making SELB jumper configurable on your board.

LCD Power:
The following is an example circuit for the LCD Power:


Backlight Example Circuit

Power Up Sequence in Datasheet
10.1. Power On/Off Sequence

DT070BTFT or DT070BTFT-HB Recommended 40 Pin Display Connector
Part No.: FH12S-40S-0.5SH

Please look at the source drive datasheet on our website.

Standby is active low. See below.
Reset is active low. See below.