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DT028ATFT-PTS touch sensitivity


I tried to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen by lowering the ID_G_THGROUP (0x80) and ID_G_THPEAK (0x81) register value but it has no impact. I also read back the register values to get sure the value is set.

In addition it seems that the touch detection on the edge of the display would be worse.

Does anyone have the same problem? And is there a possibilty to calibrate and increase the touch performance?

Thank you!

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April 10, 2019


This is a general phenomenon for touch panels and controllers with inaccuracy or no detection on the touch sensor edges, as you know the more close to the edge, the relative lower sensitivity on sensing ends, we already increased the sensitivity to minimize the inaccuracy edge width, but also need to balance the sensitivity between the center area and the edges.

Actually both 0x80/0x81 registers on FT5x46(same for FT5x06/FT5x26/FT5x46) can also be changed, but for tuning sensitivity, these registers need to work with other registers and parameters to obtain proper balance between sensitivity, noise immunity and touch experience, so Focaltech suggests that these shouldn't be changed.  We have already "tuned" the values for best performance.