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DT022TFT-FPC-A1 Blank Display

We have devices in the field that incorporate what I believe is an older version of this display, DT022TFT-FPC-A1, that are currently failing.  Units work upon arrival to the customer, but after some time (we haven't been able to determine how long the devices are in service before the failure occurs) the display only shows a blank white screen.  The backlights are functioning properly, but nothing is being displayed.  When a new display is put into the unit, it works properly, so the failure seems to be confined to the display itself.  Is there anything specifically that we can check for to determine the cause of this failure?  Are there specific questions we can be asking our customers about the environment the product is in that might help lead to a root cause?


JeremyBennett_Seacomp's picture
April 13, 2018

Hi Zaremski, 

Thank you for your note and I am sorry to hear you are having this issue. Once the unit fails does it ever work again? I would think this may be a connection issue with the FPC and the ZIP connector. Note, this part has not been in circulation for 5+ years so we do not have any testers available to assist.



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April 13, 2018

Hi Jeremy,

     Once the unit fails it never works again.  We've done our best to troubleshoot the connections, but it seems we'll be sending the units out for third party testing to determine root cause.

Best Regards,