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Displaytech 242 in replacement for Sanyo DM2423


I am working on an old piece of equipment which requires the LCD panel replacing. I very carefully checked the model 242 again the original display type (Sanyo DM2423) and all seems to be a good match. Even the display timings and dimensions of the unit are the same, However, although the 242 works as soon as the second line of the display is populated all hell breaks loose and odd characters are printed on the screen, often    corrupting what is already printed. Can anyone think of a reason why this might be the case. I had high hopes for this display as it seems to be a good macth, but the unit is unusable at the moment. I have attached the datasheet for the original display in case someone can see what I am missing.

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May 4, 2020

I solved this one myself, so I will post the answer for you. The problem was at the host controller. The RS line was subject to noise so we added a  100pF bypass capacitor between it and ground and this stabilised the signal. The model 242A is working perfectly now!