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displaytech 164G FC BW-3LP


I have a question about the backlight of the Displaytech PN : 164G FC BW-3LP 

I'm using this part on my current design with some modifications on current supply for the Backlight. In your datasheet you mention IF= 48mA TYP @VF=3.5V.

I need to know the limits of the use of the Backlight LED when the VF=5V and a serie resistor of 6 ohm is inserted with the backlight (by calculation i must have 250mA accross the Backlight), i measure 101mA.

what is the risk on LED life time ? How much time will be reduced ?

Thank you



engineering_seacomp's picture
May 7, 2020


Overdriving LEDs does shorten the life, but I do not know by how much because there would have to be a study on this, and I do not have that data.

I wish I could be more help than this.

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May 10, 2020


This will not help me so much.

Can I have the reference of the LED mounted on the 164G FC BW-3LP ?

How many LED are mounted on this reference ? arrangement ?