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Connector for Displaytech DT028ATFT

I have recently purchased a DT028ATFT capacitive touch display, and there is no information about what type of connector I need to use it (I have already a connector for capcitive touch panel I/Os). Could you please help me ?


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February 17, 2020

Hello and thank you for contacting us through our Forum. 

The 45 pin zif connector information is available through a link on the product page of our DT028ATFT, and can be found here: You may purchase samples of our p/n SEA8058-45 through Mouser, or use a different 45 pin connector based on the dimensions provided in the drawing.

Our recommended 6pm connector for the capacitive touch FPC is TE Connectivity P/N 84952-6, which can be purchased through Digi-Key here:

Please feel free to email me directly at to help with any other questions or needed technical assistance.