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Bitmap images and display rotation

I have two problems remaining with this display:

1) BTE Write BTE with ROP works with 8bpp images. My original bitmap is 24bpp, but i'm not able to have it at 16bpp, 565 format, even if i write the SYSR register:

// SYSR bit[3:2]
// 00 = 8bpp - 256 color
// 01 = 12bpp - 4K color
// 1x = 16bpp - 65K color

2) I'm not able to rotate the display 270°. The only horizontal orientation i get is 90° (the backlight led are on the left of the display) while i'd want to have them on the opposite side.

I looped all values (0 to 9) for the DPCR register, but no one was able to have the 270° rotation without having the text mirrored.


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July 29, 2013

I'm not sure about the BET with ROP, but I think it may only work with 8bpp using a palette. You'll want to double check the datasheet about that.

Regarding the rotation, you'll also need to change the HDIR bits in the DPCR to flip the text. So, rotate 90 and change the HDIR bit.