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Bend radius of cable and prefered mounting method

Dear Displaytech,

I would like to enquire about your 5” touchscreen, the DT050TFT-PTS as I

have a couple of questions about its details.
1.      What is the bending radius for the different sections of the screen cable,
and is the component area rigid or bendable too?
2.      Do you have a recommended/preferred mounting option for the screen?

Hamish Hercus,
Australian Oxytrol Systems



Derek_Seacomp's picture
December 4, 2018

Hi Hamish,

Thank you for submitting questions with regard to the DT050TFT-PTS display module.

Our standard FPC used with this module can be best evaluated by purchasing a sample from either Mouser or Digikey. Essentially, there is flexibility in the FPC immediately as it exits the housing and closer to the connector. The recommended bend radius is 1mm. The component area is rigid and is not bendable. Keep in mind we often tool and support custom FPC designs to interface with different applications

Many of our customers mount the DT050TFT-PTS display via the following methods:

1. Double sided adhesive tape attached to the display's back housing.
2. Foam gasket between display front glass and product housing