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Backlight LED Power

Hi all, I have a new INT070ATFT lcd and have two doubts.
What's the power backlight pin? is the 38?
How many volts needs the backlight 3,3 or 5V?
I'm confused with the pin 39 and 40 BL+ and BL-, the datasheet says "not conected", but seem the power for backlight (BL)


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December 31, 2012

The INT070ATFT requires a 5v supply to pin 38. This will automatically regulate the backlight on-board the device.
However, if you would like to control the backlight externally, you may connect to pins 37 (PWM), 39 (BL+), and 40 (BL-). This will require a 9.6v supply. Also, to drive the backlight in this manner you will need to open jumpers 21, 24 and 29. Then, you will need to close jumpers 20, 22, and 25.
I would highly recommend using the 5v supply option, as the on-board electronics automatically regulate the backlight power. You can then set the backlight brightness through register settings on the SSD1963.