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We are a french company that manufactues weighing systems.

We actualy using one of your display (64128M-COG-FA-BC).
We received a lot of remarques from our customers because the display is not very readable.

Do you have an other reference with same pin out and wich can be use with the same microprocessor?

We would like to satify our costumer but we don't whant to change all the pcb.
Do you have some references to advise us?
Thank you for your reply.
Best regards


JeremyBennett_Seacomp's picture
February 5, 2019

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for your note! I suspect this is a contrast issue and you can find example schematics here:

If you are still having issues with readability it may also be a lighting issue. This is a COG display and you are not using a backlight which means you need a fair amount of natural light. You may consider using the 64128M FC BW-3 (white backlight) if the issue persists.


Vincent's picture
February 12, 2019

Hello Jeremy,

This product have a LED Backlight so we have to make some modifications of the structure of our product.

Is it possible to have a display with different color? Before we had a green screen is it still possible to have this color?


Vincent's picture
February 19, 2019

Dear Jemery, 

We need your help !!! 

You suggess the ref 64128M-FC-BW-3 but this ref have LED backlight and we can't integrate it on our PCB.... 

Few years ago we ordered the ref : 64128A-COG-BA-BC is it possible to find this ref or do you have an equivalent reference? 

Thank you for your proposal. 


Vincent PALAZY 

SCALEO Medical 

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Fax : 04 99 77 23 39 

JeremyBennett_Seacomp's picture
February 22, 2019

Hi Vincent, 


The "A" version is no longer an active SKU. You should be able to use the schematic I sent and take the BL circuitry out.