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64128K-RGB: VDD Voltage


As per the datasheet of 64128K-RGB, the VDD-VSS voltage is given as -0.3V to 3.6V as maximum ratings.

In the electrical characteristics, it is given as 2.85V to 3.15V with 3V as nominal value.

Can we use 3.3V for VDD?



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December 4, 2017

Hello and thank you for adding this question to our forum.

The absolute maximum ratings listed refer to what the COG IC Driver (ST7565R-G) can function at.  The Electrical Characteristics refers specifically to the LCD.  The maximum VDD we recommend is 3.15V however some customers have driven the LCD at 3.3V without any issues.  Please note, if you drive the LCD over the recommended 3.15V the module loses its warranty because it is being driven outside the recommended spec.