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64128K-RGB: Contrast Adjustment


1. How can we adjust the contrast of 64128K-RGB LCD in serial mode?

2. Can we turn backlight ON/ OFF from software?


Derek_Seacomp's picture
December 12, 2017

Thank you for submitting this inquiry on our Forum!

In the IC data sheet, the term "electronic volume" refers to contrast and is controlled via register settings in any interface mode.

You can control the backlight with a PWM circuit which can be turned all the way down/ off to turn off the backlight.'s picture
December 12, 2017

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the information.

Regarding the backlight, we have to design the 3.2V backlight circuit and its ontrol pwm circuit externally, right?

The LCD has no control over it from inside, right?


Emil Zacharia George