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202G Interoperable with 202A

We are from Schneider Electric R&D. We have using your below part in one of our full fledge product line. Currently we are facing some shortage in proceeding with the productions and is on hold due to the technical qualification of the new part due to obsolete/non availability of Old part !

-Old part 202A-BC-BW-2 (obsolete)

-New part 202G-BC-BW

Q: Is there any way to read and differentiate between these two above variants by our driver firmware (via special instructions, I/O, etc..) which reads some unique code, id, and can  differentiate between them?.

We have noticed some tweaking (contrast) is required in our Firmware to make this new part operational, This tweaking is not required for Old part !. So, this will need for our Firmware able to ‘detect the LCD type’ and adapt accordingly in the field when this Firmware is loaded on old system which has the old LCD’s already.

This has become a big challenge in front of us.

Thanks to suggest us (direct to team) who can able to suggest us during this crisis time.


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June 29, 2020


Please reach out to your sales contact.

My understanding is that this is a new part number and replaces the obselete version.  We make some effort to make sure they are similiar, but they will not be exact.