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161A, display first 8 caracters

Dear All,

I'using 16 x 1 161A with PIC microcontroller.

I can write only the first 8 characters (address 0x00 to 0x07). I can not display the characters in position 8-16 (address 0x40 to 0x47).

I think that there are some initializaztion issue.

Do you have advice?

Could you send me the correct initializaztion?

I use C language.

Thanks a lot for the support








engineering_seacomp's picture
March 8, 2019



The ST7066U driver IC supports up to 8 characters in 1 or 2 rows. The ST7065C is used to extend to 16 characters. Driver IC data sheets attached as well as the init code for the IC the ST7066u/7065c chips are based on. Our character modules have both chips on board.

From the data sheet:

The ST7066U LCD driver consists of 16 common signal drivers and 40 segment signal drivers which can extend display size by cascading segment driver ST7065 or ST7063. The maximum display size can be either 80 characters in 1-line display or 40 characters in 2-line display. A single ST7066U can display up to one 8-character line or two 8-character lines.

See attachments.