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2.8" TFT Embedded Development Board

Development board with 2.8" color TFT display

The Displaytech EMB028TFTDEV is a development board for the Displaytech DT028ATFT 2.8 inch display module. The EMB028TFTDEV interfaces with any Microchip PICtail Plus or Display Connector V1 capable development board, such as the Explorer16, Starter Kit I/O Expansion Board, PIC24FJ256DA210 Development Board, or Graphics PICtail Plus 3 Controller Board. An on-board CAT4104V LED driver powers the backlight of the DT028ATFT and can be controlled via a PWM signal (CN1-93 [RD0] or CN2-B11 [RD0]).
Display: DT028ATFT 2.8" Color TFT

Technical Information

development boards
DisplayDT028ATFT 2.8 in Color TFT
Display Resolution240 x 320
External InterfacesMicrochip PICTail Plus, Microchip Display Connector
Graphics ControllerChip-On-Glass Ilitek ILI9341
Compatible Development BoardsMicrochip Explorer16, Microchip PIC24FJ256DA210, Microchip Starter Kit I/O Board, Microchip LCC Expansion Board, Microchip Solomon Systech Expansion Board, Microchip Epson Expansion Board

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