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Custom Segmented Displays

A segmented LCD is an ideal solution for products that require a cost-effective, low-power display option. This type of LCD panel is easily customizable to meet your display requirements. At Displaytech, we offer custom 7 segment displays in static or multiplex drive. Please contact us with your specifications to receive a quote for your custom LCD.

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There are many advantages to using a seven segment display as your product’s LCD solution. These include:

• Low cost
Compared to other LCD screen technology, segmented displays offer a low cost custom solution for high volume applications.

• High contrast
By design, a segmented display screen showcases dynamic contrast between visible and hidden elements.

• Low power consumption
This display type requires minimal power making it ideal for battery-powered devices.

Segmented LCDs and graphic displays are a popular choice among products such as thermostats, kitchen appliances, medical devices, industrial meters, and more. Beyond our standard monochrome graphic LCD displays, we also build custom LCD panels. As a LCD manufacturer, we have the ability to configure all aspects of the LCD design to fulfill your product needs.

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About 7 Segment Displays

Segmented LCDs are monochrome liquid crystal displays where the elements on the panel are divided into segments which can either be visible (on) or hidden (off).

Depending on your display’s specifications and budget, there are a few options of fluid types for segmented LCD panels. The most common segment display fluid used is TN (twisted nematic). A TN panel offers high contrast at a low cost. Other fluid types include STN and FSTN which are more expensive. STN (super twisted nematic) provides a wider viewing angle while FSTN (film super twisted nematic) has a much sharper contrast compared to TN. seven segment display

Seven segment displays are available in two different drives: static or dynamic (multiplex). A static drive means that every segment gets its own unique pin which controls it. This allows for high contrast between off and on visibility because the pin is fully devoted to that segment. For complex designs, space availability starts to become a concern as there may not be enough physical space within the module to accommodate each segment having its own pin.

The other drive option for a segmented LCD is a multiplex drive. This type has multiple segments assigned to one pin therefore requiring less pins to control the display. The benefit of this is that it resolves any limits of physical space. However, there may be some loss of contrast between on and off visibility of an element compared to a static drive. This is due to the pin handling multiple segments and therefore may never be completely powered off.

A 7-segment LCD is a cost-effective, low-power display option to use within your product design. At Displaytech, we are here to help you choose the best LCD solution for your product. Please reach out to us to get started on designing your custom segmented display.

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