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162K Character LCD Module Series

16x2 Character LCD Display

Display Format 16 Characters x 2 Lines
Dot Matrix (w x h) 5 x 8 Dots
Character Size (w x h) 2.95 x 5.55 mm
Character Pitch (w x h) 3.55 x 5.95 mm
LCD Driver IC Sitronix ST7066U (or equivalent)
Interface 4-bit Parallel and 8-bit Parallel
LCD Module Dimensions (w x h x d) 85 x 30 x 13.2 (MAX) mm
Viewing Area (w x h) 66 x 16 mm
Dot Size (w x h) 0.55 x 0.65 mm
Dot Pitch (w x h) 0.6 x 0.7 mm
Driving Method 1/16 Duty
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70°C
162K 16x2 STN Yellow/Green LCD
16x2 162K side view with Yellow Green backlight

The Displaytech 162K series is a lineup of 16x2 character LCD modules. These modules have an 85x30 mm outer dimension with 66x16 mm viewing area on the display. The 162K 16x2 LCD displays are available in STN or FSTN LCD modes with or without an LED backlight. The backlight color options include yellow green, white, blue, pure green, or amber color. Get a free quote direct from Displaytech for a 16x2 character LCD display from the 162K series.

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