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128x64 Dot Matrix LCD Display

128x64 dot matrix STN LCD graphic module panel

The 64128Q is a chip on board (COB) LCD module with a viewing area of approximately 60 x 32.5 mm.  The COB IC's are the Avant SBN6400G-D & SBN0064G-D.  Various backlight colors and are available to pair with this STN LCD.

The SBN6400G is 64-COMMON driver, designed to be paired with the SBN0064G 64-SEGMENT driver to drive a dot-matrix STN LCD panel.  Functionally, the SBN6400G includes 64 COMMON drivers, on-chip RC oscillator, a 64-bit bi-directional shift register, and timing generation circuit. The RC oscillator needs only an external resistor and capacitor. The timing generation circuit generates clocks and display control signals for both the SBN6400G and the SBN0064G.

Technical Information

Graphic Modules
Resolution128 x 64
Duty 1/64
Pixel Size0.40mm x 0.40mm
View Area60mm x 32.50mm
Module Size75.00 mm x 52.70 mm x 6.90 max (8.90 max w/LED backlight)
Driver ICSBN6400G-D + SBN0064G-D

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